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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does qManage integrate with ACT?
qManage is a stand alone program that works directly from the ACT database. When you look up a contact in qManage, it pulls the info directly from ACT and then each note added onto a service ticket in qManage is then added as a note to ACT.
What type of companies will this work for?
qManage will work for any type of service based or procedural company. Any company that wants to track each step of a project or record each issue that a customer or employee has is a perfect candidate for qManage.
What support options are available?
qManage comes with 30 days of telephone support and updates. Additional support and updates can be purchased separately.
Can I track projects within qManage?
Absolutely! qManage comes with a built in project manager that enables the user to enter in several service issues and then enforce a certain sequence for them to be completed.
Is qManage web-based?
No, qManage is a 32 bit Windows based program. This means it will be stable and available when your internet connection goes down.
What are the monthly fees?
Their are no monthly fees. This is a stand-alone program that is purchased on a per computer basis.