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Company Background:

Founded in 1986 in London, Ohio, LCS has grown to over 5,000 customers and one of the best known property management applications in the world. First developed in 1982 with an Apple computer, the Rent Manager product was created to help manufactured home communities manage their property and utility billing.

In 1996, the founder of LCS, Inc. launched SuperNet of Ohio, Inc. to provide a gambit of internet related services to the Cincinnati/Tri-State area and to enhance the functionality of the current Rent Manager product line. Hence, Rent Manager Online was introduced.

With the release of Rent Manager XP in 2001 our client base exploded. Recognizing the importance of excellent customer service and the timely completion of internal projects, qManage was created. The idea behind qManage was to provide a central repository of all customer and internal related service issues and projects. As time progressed qManage helped transform the support department into a group our customers praise and can depend on.

Since it's earliest days, LCS has pioneered numerous industry trends and practices. It was the first company to offer an integrated solution for the manufactured home industry, the first company to offer an internet based property management program, and has also added Offsite Data Storage software and qManage to its portfolio.

LCS has always been devoted to treating customers with respect and decency while focusing on service, quality, and value. Constant praise from our customers is an accomplishment that both the company and it's employees prize highly.